Identity Management training: the key concepts in action

Posted by Edward Killeen on Tue, Nov 26, 2013

identity management trainingEmpowerID believes in the philosophy that teaching a man to fish will keep him fed for a lifetime.  The same thing applies with identity management, it should not be a software that you need to keep hiring consultants every time you want to make a change to your business processes.

EmpowerID is the best value in IAM with the least complexity.  The key is our all in one platform approach covering everything from SSO with Web Access Management, Provisioning and Identity administration, Governance, a Virtual Directory, multi-factor authentication, and a visual workflow platform all on a single code-base that was not acquired piece meal and stitched together.  EmpowerID delivers more value day one with over 400 usable IAM workflows out of the box.

This is evident in our Identity Managment training program.  We offer both administrative and and developer training to teach you to fish and have an immediate impact on delivering IAM functionality out of the box day one.

We provide an extensive Wiki that covers all of our documentaiton and is publicly available.  This wiki gives extensive instructions into the how and why of all of EmpowerID's identity management functionality.  Our customer forums give a place for customers to compare and contrast ideas and solutions while having a direct link not only to support staff but developers, architects and engineers as well.

We have recently published overviews of the training to give a head start to customers wanting to see how the product works and is configured, along with identity management best practices.  They are on our YouTube channel here:

One of our implementation engineers told me on my first day that he could have EmpowerID up and running and managing Active Directory automatically within two hours in an organization.  Adding additional identity components are just as efficient.

Take a look at our identity management training and ask yourself, is my solution that straight forward?  Are my processes that good?  Do I know how to fish for identity management?

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