Active Directory synchronization from multiple sources

Posted by Edward Killeen on Wed, Nov 20, 2013

Active Directory has to be accurate.  It is too important to security, productivity and your sanity to let its identity data be wrong.  Users need AD to log on to the network, applications need AD to resolve permissions, and everyone needs groups for email.

active directory synchronizationThe problem is that all of that identity information that you need to synchronize with Active Directory is in different places.  The old days of writing a script to copy department code from your HRIS is gone; between network complexity and the cloud, you need a more powerful flexible identity synchronization solution.

EmpowerID employs a metadirectory to create a hub and spoke approach to identity and Active Directory synchronization.  The metadirectory becomes the full authoritative source for all identity information, using flexible attribute synchronization rules to move identity data from all sources to this central identity store.

From the metadirectory, you can then take all of the identity information for the user and synchronize it to Active Directory, then dynamically generating groups and roles for the user.  The attribute flow can be bi-directional, uni-directional, across forest and domain boundaries, to and from cloud applications.  The sky is the limit.

One of the big tricks is then managing data outside of ADUC.  EmpowerID not only has this powerful synchronization engine, but also provides AD self service with very flexible approval workflow capabilities.  The user can change their mobile phone number but will need manager approval to update their title, or IT approval to join the domain admin group.  Using EmpowerID's unique Rights Based Approval Routing (RBAR) technology, these approval workflows can be configured exceptionally easily and quickly.

Your network both on premise and cloud based has gotten big and complex but keeping AD accurate is simple with EmpowerID's combination of AD synchronization and AD self service.  Learn more about how to keep Active Directory accurate with a personalized demo or download this whitepaper.

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