Introducing EmpowerID 2013: the future of IAM

Posted by Edward Killeen on Tue, May 14, 2013

Today, The Dot Net Factory releases EmpowerID 2013 for general availability. Building on its industry leading visual workflow platform, EmpowerID expands Identity & Access Management (IAM) to manage the two hottest trends in the market: mobility and single sign-on.


EmpowerID 2013

EmpowerID is innovating with the changes in today’s business climate. More users are using mobile devices, requiring more flexible and secure authentication, and demanding a single username and password. Users no longer means just your employees, you need a way to manage the identities and login experience for customers, partners and other external users. EmpowerID 2013 provides new exciting features to match these changing needs.

New in EmpowerID 2013

  • Web Access Management (WAM) to complement Federated SSO
  • Virtual directory LDAP server built on Node.js
  • HTML5 interface for a complete mobile experience
  • Forced device registration for strong authentication
  • OATH compliant server for software and hardware Time Based One Time Passwords (for web login, RADIUS login, LDAP and others)
  • Full smart card login support
  • FIPS compliance

The balance between security and productivity is a challenge for all businesses, EmpowerID provides a critical fulcrum by getting your users the correct access exactly when they need it. From authentication to authorization to actually getting work done, your users need to have the correct permissions, have access to the correct systems, and know how to manage this access. EmpowerID is the only Identity Management platform that maps these needs to your business processes.

These new features give more flexibility in how to manage users identities and how the users can access resources. Coupled with EmpowerID’s already existing extensive collection of identity workflows, full rights based access control, and metadirectory, these new features will allow companies to keep up with the needs of their employees.

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