Role based user provisioning demonstration

Posted by Edward Killeen on Thu, Apr 25, 2013

One of the key concepts in user provisioning is that not all users are created equal.  An IT admin may need a user account provisioned to JIRA while a sales manager needs a user account provisioned to Microsoft CRM.  All employees get an AD account and Exchange mailbox.  Partners only get a SharePoint profile.  Role based user provisioning solves this.

With EmpowerID's integrated RBAC engine, you have roles assigned either statically or dynamically to each user, most times more than one role.  With a simple role assignment, EmpowerID assigns user accounts to that user and performs the heavy lifting of provisioning them whether on premise or in the cloud.

This video is a very simple demonstration of this process, showing the end result and how we got there.  User account provisioning does not have to be difficult or messy or most importantly manual. 

This was, of course, a very simple example, with only a handful of accounts and a handful of roles.  EmpowerID is installed and managing identities in huge enterprise environments with hundreds of thousands of identities and scores of applications.  Conversely, we have clients with identical problems with a thousand users that EmpowerID solves.

Schedule a demonstration and we will tailor it to your specific use case to see how you can solve the role based user provisioning problem.

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