Single Sign-on (SSO) end user experience

Posted by Edward Killeen on Fri, Apr 19, 2013

Single sign-on (SSO) makes life easier for end users; passwords and user accounts are eliminated and users just log on seamlessly to applications.  The problem is that not all applications are federated so you need one SSO tool that can provide SSO for federated and non-federated applications.  You also need SSO to manage both cloud and on-premise applications.  In other words, you need SSO to be made easier for your end users.

EmpowerID provides this comprehensive view of single sign-on, giving end users an easy, intuitive way to get to all of their applications, whether they are federated or not, on premise or cloud.  Take a look at this demonstration of EmpowerID's intuitive and simple SSO platform for your end users:


If you need SSO for your users, EmpowerID offers the fullest range of single sign-on, provisioning and authorization capabilities around.

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