Active Directory group management....and more

Posted by Edward Killeen on Thu, Feb 07, 2013

A pride of lions. A gaggle of geese. A mob of wombats. An Active Directory Security group.  

It’s natural to group things and your users are no exception. Many organizations have more groups than users, a user can be a member of hundreds of groups. We’re talking AD security groups, distribution groups, LDAP groups, SharePoint group, and roles.

We know that 81% of organizations manage these group memberships manually, expending an amazing amount of resources to keep them accurate. If they keep them accurate.

There is something that can be done about it…automate and delegate. Automate the group memberships with dynamic groups. Delegate to group owners the ability to manage their own memberships. Delegate to users the ability to join groups. And put workflow controls in place to keep it organized.

EmpowerID has two methods to manage Active Directory groups dynamically, by roles and by set groups.  The benefit of each is that they can be used across a wide variety of identity and access governance functions: from provisioning to SSO to access control.  And both methods can be used to manage Active Directory security groups dynamically.

Even using the more advanced method of managing permissions with roles, you will still need AD groups, both security and distribution.  And EmpowerID gives you both of these methods to keep your group membership accurate, dynamically. 

This first video explores how to use the roles that are pervasive throughout EmpowerID's Identity Management suite to keep group membership dynamically updated.

In addition to the role based method, set groups can be created in EmpowerID that will manage the group's membership.  As with roles, these set groups have additional functionality in all aspects of IAM from authorization to authentication.

Group management is only a part of EmpowerID's full Identity and Access Management capabilities. EmpowerID's robust IAM platform is built modularly, so you can solve the business problem of today while laying the foundation for future IAM capabilities. 

Take a look at the dynamic group videos and schedule a demo. Save money while improving security and productivity.

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