Role based provisioning for the cloud saves you money

Posted by Edward Killeen on Fri, Oct 26, 2012

role based provisioning for the cloudYour finance department is watching the cloud.  Not because they are tech literate and following IT trends, but because they can cut your budget quickly with cloud applications.  And it's up to you to help them before they help themselves.

In the on premise world, if a user leaves the company and you keep an application account for a few extra weeks, it only hurts your security.  In the cloud world, you just paid an extra month of service for a user account you didn't need to.  Take a look at your internal and external turnover, pull out a calculator and see if you can make a dent in your budget by managing your cloudy accounts better.

The way I see it, you have two simple options to help you reduce your monthly cloud expenditures:

  • timely provisioning & deprovisioning of all user accounts
  • role based provisioning to the cloud applications

The first is obvious, if a user leaves the company, you need to deprovision ALL of their accounts, on premise and cloud.  A metadirectory that has inventoried all of their accounts from connected systems (AD, HR, ERP, Salesforce, Gotomeeting, etc) can delete or deactivate those accounts quickly and easily.  This is your external turnover.

But what about internal turnover?  That user who moves from marketing to sales and needs new access to some systems (SharePoint sales site and the line of business quote application for example) and different access to other systems (like Salesforce)?  And they certainly don't need access to applications like their cloud based marketing automation software (Hubsport or Eloqua).

They are going to have a different role in your metadirectory (now sales in Iowa instead of marketing in Ohio) and that can trigger the workflows that will provision new user accounts (in that quote application), change access in some (a different native application role in Salesforce), and deprovision access in their marketing automation application (like HubSpot or Eloqua).

Did you see what just happened by managing application access and provisioning by roles?  We just deleted a cloud based application account (the marketing automation account) and saved the company money.  Every single month.  If you are handling this manually or allowing the line of business (marketing department) to manage it, chances are the company is paying for a lot of cobwebbed accounts in your cloud applications.

Keep finance off your back; take a look at empowerID to manage your role based provisioning for the cloud.

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