Identity management's not what you think

Posted by Edward Killeen on Tue, May 29, 2012

Identity management runs on workflow, but not the traditional workflow of "who approves what".   Identity management workflow is really business process automation for identities. You, as IT, know what systems and resource access should happen if a new employee is hired, or fired, or moves departments.  The workflow is the process that makes that happen.

And you should not have to code anything.  Let me repeat, you should not have to code anything.

identity management workflow

Let's walk through an example.  Bob is hired into sales as a Senior Account Manager.  The workflow sees a new employee in your HRIS, determines location, department, title and any other pertinent information.  Roles are assigned and the workflow automatically kicks off a process for provisioning into Active Directory, Exchange and Lync.  Everyone gets those.

Seeing that the user's department is sales, the workflow provisions a account and since the user's location is Des Moines, the user is given an account for the badge system and access to the networked printer.

This is where it gets cool using rights based approval routing.  The user's title is Senior Account Manager...the senior means something around here.  Because of that title, the user is given extra privileges to send out mass emails using a 3rd party tool.  But because of the cost of said mass emails, you actually want to get the CFO's approval so a subworkflow is kicked off to have the CFO approve this right.

The identity management workflows can do even cooler things in the world of authentication.  Because the user is in sales and has access to account information, the SSO workflow forces two factor authentication the first time the user logs in from a new computer and forces password reset re-enrollment quarterly.

These, and many other, workflows can be created using a drag and drop workflow designer in EmpowerID.  Of course, you could try to create them yourselves using some other IAM softwares and an army of developers, but why?  With 370+ out of the box workflows and the ability to create and customize many more based on your requirements, make identity management workflow do your work with EmpowerID.

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