IAM Role Mining Powered by Machine Learning Algorithms

Posted by Chris Hayes on Mon, Feb 01, 2016


One of the largest issues facing an organizations identity and access management project is the task of creating appropriate management and business roles and the access those roles should provide.  We can all take a look at the structure of a company and say they should have an IT role, a Sales role, an HR role and Executive roles but what about trying to map out the permissions that large groups of people already have?

EmpowerID is excited to introduce Role Mining Campaigns powered by our unique machine learning algorithms.  EmpowerID simply inventories your systems allowing you to pick the data to include in the role campaign.  We then pull in the relevant entitlement data based on what you are targeting for the campaign, this can be user information, group membership, NTFS & folder permission, SharePoint rights and more.

The next step is to create Runs, these runs simply output optimized candidate roles based on all parameters (called bottom up role mining).  We then create a clustered entitlement map with ranked candidate roles allowing you to visualize this data on the map looking at overlap for roles as seen below.


As seen above, you can just at the current pockets of access assignments and create it as a possible candidate role!  This process not only saves so much time but also ensures you are taking a holistic look at the current rights.


We also allow you to see if this will possibly create a Separation of Duties policy violation before you create it as seen above.

Or maybe you'd like to hand pick your roles?  Below you can see we've just hand selected our roles and can now publish them.  This easily allows you to promote them to management roles or business roles while still optimizing to remove all of the direct assignments that the role grants.


With full support for both top down and bottom up role mining, EmpowerID continues to deliver the best product in the IAM space, saving you time and money!  Reach out today to learn more!

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