Identity conversations: Challenges & lessons from CISOs and CIOs

Posted by Alexandre Spoerri on Tue, Feb 02, 2021

Introduction and Authentication & Access Management 

Over the past 
7 years, empowerID has been working closely with its global implementation partner, Avanade, on various large IAM projects across Europe, namely customers such as Henkel (Germany), Siemens (Germany), Energie aus der Mitte (Germany), Bank Julius Bär (Switzerland), Paccar/DAF (USA/Netherlands), Eurovia (France) and most recently Proximus (Belgium). 

Avanade has a very large security practice and supports the world’s leading CIOs and CISOs with putting in place the best Microsoft-based infrastructure to protect their data efficiently and in case of Cyber compromise recover safely and quickly. 

We have decided that it would be valuable for our readers to understand the collective of lessons learned and posed challenges that these leaders have been facing when it comes to Digital Identity. This series is structured as a discussion between Brandon Nolan, Global Digital Identity Lead at Avanade, Arno Zwegers, Regional Security Lead for Avanade in the Netherlands, and Patrick Parker, CEO at empowerID, and is divided into five key areas that will each be covered in 5 posts over the next 5 months. The five key areas will be  

In this first session, we will look at authentication and access management and address questions such as: 

  • Should I use a single or multiple authentication directories? 
  • How does the current infrastructure affect the authentication strategy? 
  • What is currently the “best” form of authentication? 

You can read the first discussion on the Avanade Blog here:


Next month, we will continue our conversation on the topic of authorization. We hope to have you with us again then. 

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