EmpowerID Rings in 2016 with free Office 365 Manager Licenses

Posted by Chris Hayes on Wed, Jan 06, 2016

2016.jpgFree Office 365 Manager license with every User/Group Manager purchase!

EmpowerID is excited to announce starting Friday January 1, 2016 through Thursday March 31, 2016 we will be including our Office 365 Manager for free with every User Manager, Group Manager, or Exchange Manager purchase!  To receive this special deal, contact EmpowerID Sales today.

EmpowerID's New Year’s resolution is to help customers eliminate the user login hassle with SSO and unburden IT admins from repetitive Identity and Access administration tasks.  The EmpowerID Office 365 Manager allows organizations to securely administrate all aspects of Microsoft's Office 365 environment.  

Office 365 Manager extends the capabilities of EmpowerID User Manager and Group Manager to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform by providing these capabilities:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Role-Based Delegated Administration (RBAC)
  • Automated Provisioning and Sync
  • Dynamic Group Management of Security and Distribution Groups
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Access Recertification and Audit Reporting
  • Mailbox and Folder Permission Audit, Management, and Self-Service
  • Provides broader management functionality than Microsoft’s standalone admin tools

Not only can the EmpowerID platform consolidate all of your Office 365 management tasks, it can also provide a single set of friendly web and mobile interfaces for all of your Cloud and on-premise systems, including Active Directory, LDAP and enterprise applications.


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