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Posted by Chris Hayes on Thu, Feb 05, 2015
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EmpowerID has cleaned the dust off of the Virtual Directory market with the world's first Virtual Directory Service written in Node.js and integrated it with our world class IAM Suite.

Virtual Directory Services (VDS) are supposed to aggregate identity and user information stored across data stores into a single point of access.  The dirty little secret of the market is latency when the VDS is returning indentity information.  This compounds itself again and again when making LDAP calls.  Some have tried to move from a "Proxy" view and use a Cached view, but I/O is still slow.

EmpowerID looked at the current VDS landscape, identified issues and built our VDS from the ground up on Node.js.  Compared to legacy VDS technology that spawns a new thread for each connection or request and takes up RAM, Node.js operates on a single-thread using a different type of I/O call.  This allows it to support tens of thousands of concurrent connections.
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So, why use EmpowerID's VDS?
  • Highly Scalable, a VDS should be able to handle incoming LDAP connection requests and we do it better than anyone in the industry.
  • Data Transformation allows you to easily support legacy apps that require a fixed schema
  • Persistent Metadirectory Cache that automatically refreshes the source data
  • Ties in with full IAM Suite from EmpowerID.
  • Group-based authorization and provisioning for all of your authentication endpoints
  • Application authorization provides a virtual view of all existing groups
  • Easily onboard new organizations' directory stores into a unified view
  • Create a single unified user profile from your disparate user stores

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